Volvo ECU 2.3

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Volvo S40 2004-2009, V50 2004-2009, C30 CEM repair and synchronization with SID803 motor ECU utillity.


How immobiliser works on Volvo S40 2004-2009, V50 2004-2009, C30:

Immobiliser data (immo) on these cars are stored in the Central electric module (CEM) located in driver compartment fuse box. CEM receive transponder key signal from immobiliser coil and if key data is equal to car,send synchronisation signal to motor ECU. If transponder key is stored in CEM and synchronisation data CEM-ECU is correct, CEM permit to start the engine. Motor ECU also is sinchronyzed with ABS computer ID. For SID803 ECU replace you must also read ABS ID (you can read ABS ID with Launch X431, Diagun or other tool by OBDII) and write it to SID803.


How to use this program:

Most common problem on these cars is lost sinchronization CEM-ECU after batery discharge. In motor ECU fautl code “No communication with immobiliser” is active and car not start. Remove CEM and read with CarProg A10 adapter processor EEPROM – see picture for details. Also remove SID803 and read 95320 EEPROM. Open both files and write synchro data from CEM to SID803. Also write ABS serial ID. Save SID803 modified file and write it to SID803.

If you need to program second-hand motor ECU – procedures are same.


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