Toyota 4D Key Tool v1.2


What is Toyota 4D Key Tool?

Toyota 4D Key Tool is a immobilizer off software special for Toyota.You can use it to repair immobilizer and synchronization with motor ECU utility

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Product Information
Toyota 2005-2010 immobilizer repair and synchronization with motor ECU utility.

How immobilizer works on Toyota 2005-2010 with Texas Crypto 4D transponder :
Immobilizer data (immo) on these cars are stored in the Transponder ID ECU, located under dashboard panel and heater – see help to find Transponder ID ECU. Immobilizer (Transponder ID ECU) receive transponder key signal from immobilizer coil and if key data is equal to car,send synchronization signal to motor ECU. If transponder key is stored in immobilizer and synchronization data IMMO-ECU is correct, engine start permanently. Motor not starting or starting for 2 sec. when immobilizer system is not ok.

How to use this program:
– is no car transponder key:
remove immo (Transponder ID ECU) from car. Open it and read EEPROM. Open immo dump with “TOYOTA 4D KEY TOOL” and push “Generate keys”. Now using any transponder tool (Codereader, ZedBull, RW4 or other) write transponder data to TPX3 or EH (electronic 4D emulator). This transponder will be car Master (Black) key.

– car not start – unknown problem:
first make car immobilizer and motor ECU diagnostic. If Immobilizer have error code “wrong transponder” or “transponder ID is not registered” – generate new transponder from immobilizer dump. If is no fault codes in immobilizer and in motor ECU is fault code “immobilizer fault B2799” – you need synchronize immo-motor ECU.


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