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Version 10.9.16 Realised

Added more than 300 Airbags

List Airbags Added Attached
AUDI 4D0959655 with HC11E9
AUDI 5Q0959655BD(A2C12701506) with 95128
AUDI 8XA959655A(0285012669) with 95320
AUDI 8W0959655(0285011194) with M95128
AUDI 8R0959655G(5WK44483) with M95640

BMW 65779172020-01 with 95128
BMW 65779159794-01(0285010083) with 95128
BMW 0285013626 with M95128
BMW 0285012518 with M95128
BMW 0285015096 with M95128
BMW 65779240083-02(0285010258) with M95128

TOYOTA 89245-05030 with 24C02
TOYOTA 89245-06050 with 24C02
TOYOTA 89245-0E020 with 24C02
TOYOTA 89245-0K010 with 24C02
TOYOTA 89245-30090 with 24C02
TOYOTA 89245-30110 with 24C02
TOYOTA 89245-30120 with 24C02
TOYOTA 89245-30120 with 24C02
TOYOTA 89245-30130 with 24C02
TOYOTA 89245-30140 with 24C02
TOYOTA 89245-33060 with 24C02
TOYOTA 89245-74020 with 24C02
TOYOTA 0285012427 with 95320
TOYOTA 89170-28290 with 93C66
TOYOTA 89170-02K90 with M95M01
TOYOTA 89170-0F240(235731-103) with 25C040
TOYOTA 89170-74040(150300-2213) with 93C66B
TOYOTA 89170-52661 with 93C66B
TOYOTA 89170-47440 with 93C66B

SUBARU 152300-8351(98221-A160) with 93C56
SUBARU 152300-8320(98221SA130) with 93C56

SKODA 6R0959655K(SKODA) with M95320

SEAT 3R0959655(0285010576) with 95640
SEAT 5N0959655R with M95640

RENAULT 985106142R(A2C80862803) with SPC560P50
RENAULT 985108115(A2C84855000) with SPC560P50
RENAULT A2C80862903 with SPC560P50
RENAULT 608361500D(8200912447) with 95160
RENAULT 604289700(8200367445) with 95160
RENAULT 605147800(39550-31771)RENAULT with 95080

PORSCHE 9961820109 with 95640

CHEVROLET 13583458(A2C34411100) with MC9S12XDT384
CHEVROLET 97830364(7088886) with M95080

CITROEN 626181000 with 95320
CITROEN 9829442880 with SPC560P50
CITROEN 620504800 with S25A320
CITROEN 620595100 with uPD70F3624
CITROEN 620595200 with uPD70F3624
CITROEN 620644600 with uPD70F3624
CITROEN 610155800G with 95320
CITROEN 1400988580 with MC68HC912B32
CITROEN 0285011178(98101064080) with 95320
CITROEN 1367537080 with 95320
CITROEN 9824809680 with SPC560P50L3

DAIHATSU 89170-B4020 with 93C56

DODGE 68316748AB with 95128
DODGE 68297882AA with M95128

FIAT 52029749(0285013184) with 95640
FIAT 51986690(A2C91577905) with SPC560P50
FIAT 52040843(A2C95530204) with SPC560P50
FIAT 51943893 with SPC560P50
FIAT A2C95530206 with SPC560P50
FIAT 623174800B with 95320
FIAT 00052017547 with 95640
FIAT 00052085112 with 95640
FIAT 00052090727 with 95640
FIAT 00052090728 with 95640
FIAT 00052090730 with 95640
FIAT 0285012824 with 95320
FIAT 1400988580 with MC68HC912B32
FIAT 51974623 with M95640
FIAT 51963823 with M95320
FIAT 51824914(391211) with 24C04
FIAT 0052095506 with 25C640
FIAT 626233700D(1376421080) with M95320
FIAT 5WK43908(51782985) with M95320
FIAT 01393755080(93977-D219) with M95640
FIAT 46766385 with 24C04

FORD 9V4T-14B321-AA(0285010701) with 95160
FORD CV4T-14B321-CH(0285012643) with 95640
FORD F1ET-14B321-CB(0285011993) with 95640
FORD BM2T-14B321-AC(0285010950) with 95320
FORD CV4T-14B321-CG(0285012042) with 95640
FORD DS7T-14B321-CE(0285010733) with 95640
FORD E1GT-14B321-BE(02850132766) with 95640
FORD CM5T-14B321-BA with 95320
FORD DM5T-14B321-RA with 95320
FORD E1GT-14B321-BD with 95640
FORD F1CT-14B321-RC with 95640
FORD GV4T-14B321-AB(0285012837) with 95640
FORD 9M5T-14B321-BA(0285010687) with 95160
FORD CM5T-14B321-CA(0285011126) with 95320
FORD 51976256 with 95320
FORD 0285001395 with MC68HC912B32
FORD 0285001396 with MC68HC912B32
FORD 0285001426(2M5T-14B056-AD) with MC68HC912D60
FORD 0285001393(YS6T-14B056-BD) with MC68HC912B32
FORD 2S6T-14B056-EK with 95160
FORD 5WK40203 with 95160
FORD 6S6T-14B056-KC(5WK43586) with 95160
FORD 6S6T-14B056-LA(5WK43587) with 95160
FORD AV1T-14B321-CF with XC2361A-56F
FORD C1BT-14B321-CE with XC2361A-56F
FORD C1BT-14B321-CF with XC2336A-72F
FORD DG13-14B321-AH with XC2336A-72F
FORD DT1T-14B321-AE with XC2361A-56F
FORD DT1T-14B321-FG with XC2361A-56F
FORD EB3T-14B321-EF with XC2336A-72F
FORD EB3T-14B321-EG with XC2336A-72F
FORD G1B5-14B321-AB with XC2336A-72F
FORD GK3T-14B321-AC with XC2336A-72F
FORD DB5T-14B321-AE with XC2361A-56F
FORD EB5T-14B321-AA with XC2361A-56F
FORD 0285010643 with 95160
FORD 6L24-14B321-GA with 95160
FORD E1GT-14B321-BF(0285013974) with 95640
FORD BK2T-14B321-AF with XC2361A-56F
FORD C1BT-14B321-FF with XC2336A-72F
FORD BK3T-14B321-AB with XC2361A-56F
FORD HL3T-14B321-AC with XC2336A-72F
FORD JL3T-14B321-CB with XC2361A-72F
FORD F1ET-14B321-CC with 95640
FORD HC3T-14B321-BF with XC2336A-72F
FORD HC3T-14B321-BE with XC2336A-72F
FORD FL3T-14B321-BD with XC2336A-72F
FORD BK2T-14B321-AG with XC2336A-72F
FORD CK4T-14B321-DF with XC2336A-56F
FORD GK2T-14B321-AC with XC2336A-72F
FORD H1BT-14B321-AH with SAK-TC222S-16F
FORD GR3T-14B321-DE with XC2336A-72F
FORD DS7T-14B321-BB with M95640
FORD AB39-14B321-CE with XC2361B-40F
FORD DT1T-14B321-AG with XC2336A-72F
FORD AV1T-14B321-CG with XC2361A-56F
FORD BK3T-14B321-AD with XC2336A-72F
FORD 8M5T-14B321-AG(0285010642) with M95160
FORD FR3T-14B321-AF with XC2336A-72F
FORD JR3T-14B321-CA with XC2336A-72F
FORD GR3T-14B321-DF with XC2336A-72F

HONDA 77960-SJK-J710-M2 with 93C66(S330)
HONDA 77960-T1G-E920-M4 with SPC560P50
HONDA 77960-T1G-E940-M4 with SPC560P50
HONDA 77960-TEA-T820-M4 with SPC560P50
HONDA 77960-T0A-Z813-M1 with 95640
HONDA 77960-TS8-A012-M4(5WK44426) with 95640
HONDA 77960-SMG-G021-M1 with M95640
HONDA 77960-SMG-G110-M1 with M95640
HONDA 77960-TV0-G911-M4(5WK44423) with M95640
HONDA 77960-SWA-E240-M4 with M95640
HONDA 77960-SWA-G214-M4 with M95640
HONDA 77960-TLA-A320-M4 with SPC56AP54
HONDA 77960-T1G-E930-M4(5WK44888) with SPC560P50
HONDA 77960-TA0-A020-M4 with M95640
HONDA 77960-TLA-E220-M4 with SPC56AP54
HONDA 77960-SWA-G213-M4 with M95640
HONDA 77960-TR3-X811-M1 with M95320

HYUNDAI 95910-G2400 with 95256
HYUNDAI 95910-J9200 with 95256
HYUNDAI 95910-J9300 with 95256
HYUNDAI 95910-C8210 with SPC560P50
HYUNDAI 95910-A5800 with 25C256
HYUNDAI 95910-0X150(5WK44086) with M95640
HYUNDAI 95910-2W100 with XC2361A-72F
HYUNDAI 95910-2W380 with XC2361A-72F
HYUNDAI 95910-D3200 with XC2361A-72F
HYUNDAI 95910-D9200 with XC2361A-72F
HYUNDAI 95910-A4300 with XC2361A-72F
HYUNDAI 95910-B9250 with XC2336A-72F
HYUNDAI 95910-D7230 with XC2361A-72F
HYUNDAI 95910-4H600 with M95320
HYUNDAI 95910-A0500 with XC2361A-56F
HYUNDAI 95910-D7630 with XC2361A-72F

JEEP 68316742AB(0285013684) with 95128
JEEP 52038939 with 25C640

PEUGEOT 620595200 with UPD70F3624
PEUGEOT 89170-0H190 with M95160
PEUGEOT 89170-0H110 with M95160
PEUGEOT 550394000(9626863380) with MC68HC11E9
PEUGEOT 980526148000(0285011761) with M95320
PEUGEOT 980526138000(0285011760) with M95320
PEUGEOT 0285012187 with M95320
PEUGEOT 1400988580 with MC68HC912B32
PEUGEOT 630429200A with 95320
PEUGEOT 9824809680(A2C98794905) with SPC560P50
PEUGEOT 624926000 with uPD70F3624
PEUGEOT 9817062880(0285012427) with 95320
PEUGEOT 8651A-085 with 24C02
PEUGEOT 8651A-084 with 24C02

OPEL 0285012824 with 95320
OPEL 13597092 with SPC560P50

NISSAN 98820-9BP0A(0285014237) with 95128
NISSAN 28556-3LS0D with 93C56
NISSAN 98820-3LS3C with 93C56
NISSAN 98820-4BP0A with XC2336B-40F
NISSAN 28556-8M52E with 93C46
NISSAN 99820-JF40A with 93C56
NISSAN 28556-8H53E with 93C46
NISSAN 98820-1PF9B with 93C66
NISSAN 98820-5RA0B with 95640
NISSAN 0285012139 with M95128
NISSAN 0285001481 with MC68HC912B32
NISSAN 28556-1U70A(0285001907) with 24C08
NISSAN 28556-74B02(0285001323) with MC68HC912B32
NISSAN 28556-7F001(0285001137) with MC68HC11E9
NISSAN 28556-7J600(0285001327) with MC68HC912B32
NISSAN 28556-9F207(0285001194) with MC68HC11E9
NISSAN 98820-7J700(0285001329) with MC68HC912B32
NISSAN 28556-6Z500 with 93C46X
NISSAN 28556-5RB0C(0285014990) with M95640
NISSAN 98820-4FA2B(0285011568) with M95128
NISSAN 98820-4KK1A(0285012863) with M95128
NISSAN 98820-1HG1A with 93C56
NISSAN 98820-6AV0A with 93C76B
NISSAN 98820-4EH0D with XC2336B-40F
NISSAN 98820-4CG0A(627746700) with XC2336B-40F
NISSAN 98820-4EH0B with XC2336B-40F
NISSAN 98820-1KJ0A with M95640
NISSAN 98820-1KV0A with M95640
NISSAN 98820-JH43A with 93C56
NISSAN 98820-BC600(0285001854) with 24C08
NISSAN 25348-6AV0A(0285013624) with M95640
NISSAN 98820-BV80C(0285014651) with M95128
NISSAN 98820-4BF0A(624777400) with XC2336B-40F

MITSUBISHI 8651A-084 with 24C02
MITSUBISHI 8651A-085 with 24C02
MITSUBISHI 8651A-086 with 95040
MITSUBISHI 8651A-134 with 95040
MITSUBISHI 8635A-359 with 25C160
MITSUBISHI P8635A307 with 95256
MITSUBISHI 8635A-321(0285011550) with 95640
MITSUBISHI 8635A-409(W2T91071) with S25A640
MITSUBISHI 0285001936(98078700010) with MC9S12DG64
MITSUBISHI 8635A-234(W2T67771) with 95640
MITSUBISHI 8635A-150(W2T64972) with 93C76B
MITSUBISHI 8635A364(W2T90571) with 25C640
MITSUBISHI P8635A309 with M95640

MINI 65776818812-01 with M95256

MERCEDES A1698204085 with 95320
MERCEDES 0285011107 with 95256
MERCEDES A4479001000(0285011109) with 95256
MERCEDES A1698202726 with M95320
MERCEDES A1648207926(0285001993) with M95640
MERCEDES A1698202185 with M95320
MERCEDES 0285011144(A2469000903) with M95128
MERCEDES 0285013862(A1179017201) with M95256
MERCEDES A169820132627 with M95320
MERCEDES 8201229153(A2C95007000) with M95160
MERCEDES A1648204326(0285001535) with M95640

MAZDA DB4F-57K30(0285012248) with 95128
MAZDA DA6A-57K30B(0285012159) with 95128
MAZDA DA8A-57K2C(0285012155) with 95128
MAZDA KA0G-57K30A with XC2336A-56F
MAZDA BRE7-57K30A with XC2336A-56F
MAZDA BHS2-57K30A with XC2361A-56F

MASERATI 670007061(0285011809) with 95128

LEXUS 89245-03130 with 24C02
LEXUS 89245-03140 with 24C02
LEXUS 89245-05030 with 24C02
LEXUS 89245-06050 with 24C02
LEXUS 89245-0E020 with 24C02
LEXUS 89245-0K010 with 24C02
LEXUS 89245-30090 with 24C02
LEXUS 89245-30110 with 24C02
LEXUS 89245-33060 with 24C02
LEXUS 89245-74020 with 24C02
LEXUS 89170-50550 with 93C66
LEXUS 89170-50830 with 93C66

LANDROVER FK72-14D374-AH with M95640
LANDROVER GJ32-14D374-AC with XC2361A-72F
LANDROVER DK62-14D374-AF with XC2361A-56F
LANDROVER HY32-14D374-AA with XC2361A-72F

LANCIA 1400988580 with MC68HC912B32
LANCIA 51489681(609009500) with M95320
LANCIA 51752417 with M95160
LANCIA 51867089(618689600) with M95320

KIA 95910-G5400 with 95256
KIA 95910-3T000(5WK44356) with 95128
KIA 95910-F1000 with XC2361A-72F
KIA 95910-2T410 with M95128
KIA 95910-C5800 with XC2361A-72F
KIA 95910-A9100 with M95256
KIA 95910-H8210-1 with M95512
KIA 95910-H8210-2 with R7F701019xAFP
KIA 95910-E4200 with M95256
KIA 95910-F1070 with XC2361A-72F
KIA 95910-G6010(A2C97545802)-1 with R7F701019xAFP
KIA 95910-G6010(A2C97545802)-2 with M95512
KIA 95910-G6200(A2C97546502)-1 with R7F701019xAFP
KIA 95910-G6200(A2C97546502)-2 with M95512
KIA 95910-H9100-1 with R7F701019xAFP
KIA 95910-H9100-2 with M95512

VOLVO P31406534 with XC2361A-72F
VOLVO P31387534 with XC2361A-72F
VOLVO P31406631 with XC2361A-72F
VOLVO P31423599(0285012741) with M95128

VOLKSWAGEN 5ZO959655A(0285011839) with 95640
VOLKSWAGEN 6C0959655A with 95640
VOLKSWAGEN 5Q0959655BH(A2C12701403) with 95128
VOLKSWAGEN 6C0959655J with 95640
VOLKSWAGEN 5C0959655D with M95640
VOLKSWAGEN 7P0959655E(0285012084) with M95128
VOLKSWAGEN 5C0959655C with 95640
VOLKSWAGEN 6C0959655A(0285011744) with M95640
VOLKSWAGEN 5K0959655D(5WK44301) with M95640

version 7.8.4 realased

We have add 228 new airbags

The full list added in attached file

ALFA ROMEO 50524710 with 95320

AUDI 4H0959655B(0285010011) with 95640
AUDI 4H0959655C(0285010856) with 95640
AUDI 8XA959655(0285012203) with 95320
AUDI 8P0959655R with 95640

BMW 0285010255 with 95128
BMW 65776900727 with MC68HC912B32

CHEVROLET 96806716 with 95080

CITROEN 0285010556 with 95160
CITROEN 630429200A with 95320
CITROEN 9812824480(0285012934) with 95320
CITROEN 626181200 with 95320
CITROEN 626233600D with 95320
CITROEN 9660731680 with 95160
CITROEN 01375110080 with 95640
CITROEN 9647794280 with MC68HC912B32
CITROEN 9656888780 with MC68HC912B32
CITROEN 9656888880 with MC68HC912B32
CITROEN 9658316680 with MC68HC912B32
CITROEN 9660731780 with 95160
CITROEN 9660855180 with 95160
CITROEN 9660961180 with 95160
CITROEN 9661532480 with 95160
CITROEN 9818994480(0285013736) with 95320
CITROEN 9660960880 with 95160
CITROEN 0285011046(8635A278) with 95640

DACIA 985102122R with SPC560P50
DACIA 985100336R(A2C85839102) with SPC560P50
DACIA 985102787R(A2C14003700) with SPC560P50
DACIA 285584207R(A2C80612810) with SPC560P50

DAIHATSU 89170-B2360 with 24C08

FERRARI 295359(220244-110) with 95640

FIAT 51881770(0285010857) with 95320
FIAT 608673700G with 95160
FIAT 5209749(0285013184) with 95640
FIAT 01370978080 with 95640
FIAT 51916490 with 95640
FIAT 01375110080 with 95640
FIAT 93977-D219 with 95640
FIAT 52043604 with 95640

HONDA 77960-T5A-F011-M1 with 95640
HONDA 77960-TV0-E010-M4(5WK44782) with 95640
HONDA 77960-TV0-E020-M4(5WK44782) with 95640
HONDA 77960-TV0-E911-M4(5WK44421) with 95640
HONDA 77960-T5A-E011-M1 with 95640
HONDA 77960-T5A-S011-M1 with 95640
HONDA 77960-TL4-E911-M1 with 95640
HONDA 77960-SVA-A211-M1 with 95640
HONDA 77960-SMG-E013-M1 with 95640
HONDA 77960-SNB-G215-M1 with 95640
HONDA 77960-SNB-T015-M1 with 95640
HONDA 77960-TR0-X810-M1 with 95320
HONDA 77960-TOA-M911-M1 with 95640
HONDA 77960-T0A-K511-M3 with MPC5604P
HONDA 77960-T9A-K411-M1 with 95640
HONDA 77960-S2A-E81 with 93C46

HYUNDAI 95910-3U100(HYUNDAI) with 95320
HYUNDAI 95910-3Z300 with 95128
HYUNDAI 95910-A6110 with 95256
HYUNDAI 95910-C8200 with SPC560P50
HYUNDAI A6959-10110 with 95256
HYUNDAI 95910-2B180(0285010625) with 95640
HYUNDAI 95910-2Y000 with 25C320
HYUNDAI 95910-10100 with 25640
HYUNDAI 95910-3C200 with MC68HC11E9
HYUNDAI 95910-2C100 with MC68HC11E20
HYUNDAI 95910-2L030 with 95640
HYUNDAI 95910-F2100 with 25C256

KIA 95910-1H250(KIA) with 95640
KIA 95910-26200 with 95080
KIA 95910-A2300(KIA) with 95256
KIA 95910-A2320(KIA) with 95256
KIA 95910-A2750 with 95256
KIA 95910-1Y610(5WK66147) with 95128
KIA 95910-1W410(5WK44613) with 95512
KIA 95910-1W510(5WK44704) with 95512
KIA 95910-3U600 with 25320
KIA 95910-1G110 with 25640
KIA 95910-1M250 with 95256
KIA 95910-2T610 with 95256
KIA 95910-1Y500 with 25128
KIA 95910-1H200 with 95640
KIA 95910-2F600 with 95320

LADA 2480004-AC with SPC560P34

LAND ROVER 9H52-14D374-AC(0285010523) with 95320
LAND ROVER 9H52-14D374-AD(0285010639) with 95320
LAND ROVER AH42-14D374-AD(0285010341) with 95320
LAND ROVER AH42-14D374-AF(0285010718) with 95320
LAND ROVER BJ3214D374-AC with XC2361A-56F
LAND ROVER DH52-14D374-AA(0285011177) with 95320
LAND ROVER EJ3214D374-AC with XC2361A-56F
LAND ROVER FK72-14D374-AF(0285012991) with 95640
LAND ROVER AH22-14D374-AG with MC9S12DG128
LAND ROVER FK72-14D374-AK(0285013667) with 95640

LEXUS 89170-48400 with 93C66
LEXUS 89170-60180 with S29330A
LEXUS 89170-76130 with 93C66
LEXUS 89170-50300 with 93C66
LEXUS 89170-48140(152300-7591) with 93C56
LEXUS 89170-50490 with 93C66

MAZDA BS4H57K30B(0285001961) with 95080
MAZDA D09J57K30A(0285012132) with 95128
MAZDA F15257K3A(3327550) with 95080
MAZDA DF71-57K30D with 95320
MAZDA EH70-57K30A with 95320
MAZDA N243-57K30C(0285013632) with 95128
MAZDA GEG1-57K30 with MAC7242
MAZDA N243-57K30(0285013323) with 95128

MERCEDES A1179009200(0285012055) with 95256
MERCEDES A2129010700(5WK43871) with 95640
MERCEDES 0285013077 with 95256
MERCEDES 5WK44771(A2129018508) with 95640

MINI 65773451779-01 with 95128
MINI 65773454346-01(610067400N) with 95128
MINI 65779807169-01(611158000F) with 95128
MINI 65779808714-01(611158000H) with 95128
MINI 65779811224-01(611158000M) with 95128
MINI 65779812296-01(611158000R) with 95128

MITSUBISHI 8635A183L with 95160
MITSUBISHI 8635A305(0285011604) with 95128
MITSUBISHI W2T67791 with S25A640
MITSUBISHI 8635A-186L with 95160
MITSUBISHI 8635A-505 with 95640
MITSUBISHI 8635A-457 with 95640
MITSUBISHI P8635A-272 with 25640

NISSAN 285563LS1D with 93C56
NISSAN 98820-BV80B(0285012905) with 95128
NISSAN 25348-1EA0A with 24C08
NISSAN 25348-JF50A(4079348310) with 24C08
NISSAN 98820-JF70A with 93C56
NISSAN 25348-JF50A(407934-8310) with 24C08
NISSAN 98820-1HH1A with 93C56
NISSAN 98820-1HH1B with 93C56
NISSAN 98820-560A(0285011239) with 95320
NISSAN 98820-9U40A(0285001912) with 24C08
NISSAN 98820-BT60A with 93C56
NISSAN 0285010840 with 24C08
NISSAN 98820-1AH0H with 93C56B
NISSAN 98820-1EH0B with 95320
NISSAN 98820-1KC0A with 95640
NISSAN 98820-9LE0A with 95128
NISSAN 99820-BH20A with 24C08
NISSAN 98820-4EH0C with XC2336B-40F
NISSAN 0285001182(28556-6F605) with MC68HC11E20
NISSAN 0285001188(28556-2F400) with MC68HC11E9
NISSAN 0285001193 with MC68HC711E9
NISSAN 0285001311 with MC68HC912B32
NISSAN 0285001413(98820-AP003) with MC68HC912BE32
NISSAN 0285001853(98820-BC500) with 24C08
NISSAN 28556-3N705 with 93C56
NISSAN 28556-43U01 with MC68HC11E9
NISSAN 28556-82F05 with MC68HC11E9
NISSAN 28556-8Z800 with 93C56
NISSAN 28556-ZE80A with 93C56
NISSAN 28556-5RB0A(0285012977) with 95640

OPEL 13262359BC with 95160
OPEL 13589413MB with XC2361A-72F
OPEL 985106142R with SPC560P50
OPEL 24423840 with MC8HC08AZ32

PEUGEOT 601958200 with 95080
PEUGEOT 9812713380(0285012924) with 95320
PEUGEOT 0285012932(9812713780) with 95320
PEUGEOT 611019900(9665558380) with 95320
PEUGEOT 5WK42908(9650109280) with 95080

PORSCHE 97061820125 with 95640

RENAULT 610094500 with 95160
RENAULT 285588143R with 95640
RENAULT 985105478R with 95640
RENAULT 285584919R with 95640
RENAULT 285586254R with 95640
RENAULT 285587590R with 95640
RENAULT 985106285R with 95640
RENAULT 285587373R with 95640
RENAULT 8201229153 with 95160
RENAULT 985105123R(A2C80613411) with SPC560P50
RENAULT 985101902R(A2C80862802) with SPC560P50
RENAULT 985102787R(A2C14003700) with SPC560P50
RENAULT 2855886520R(610901600) with 95160
RENAULT 600639500(8200117652) with 95080
RENAULT 8200491652 with 95160

SUBARU 98221-AL01A with 95128

SUZUKI 38910-68L02 with 95640
SUZUKI 38910-80G20 with 93C46
SUZUKI 38910-81A40 with 93C46
SUZUKI 38910-81AD0 with 93C46
SUZUKI 38910-79J20(5WK43632) with 95160
SUZUKI 38910-83E20(5WK42899) with MC68HC11E20
SUZUKI 38910-57MB0 with S93C56

TOYOTA 89170-02J40 with 95160
TOYOTA 89170-60130 with 93C56
TOYOTA 89170-0H210(337644-102) with 95160
TOYOTA 89170-47470 with 93C66
TOYOTA 89170-02A10 with 95080
TOYOTA 89170-02B10 with 93C56
TOYOTA 89170-05080 with 25040
TOYOTA 89170-0F150 with 95160
TOYOTA 89170-42251 with 93C66
TOYOTA 89170-0F070 with 25040
TOYOTA 89170-0W330 with 95080
TOYOTA 89170-02850 with 93C66
TOYOTA 89170-0H110 with 95160
TOYOTA 89170-52610 with 93C56
TOYOTA 89170-05120 with 25040
TOYOTA 89170-0H130 with 95160
TOYOTA 89170-02530 with 95040
TOYOTA 89170-02381 with 25040
TOYOTA 89170-02400 with 25040
TOYOTA 89170-02600 with 25040
TOYOTA 89170-13040 with 93C56
TOYOTA 89170-0D480 with 25040
TOYOTA 89170-0D040 with 25040

VOLKSWAGEN 6C0959655F(0285012570) with 95640
VOLKSWAGEN 6R0959655L(0285010794) with 95320
VOLKSWAGEN 0285011400(A9069005701) with 95320

VOLVO P31334279(0285011088) with 95128
VOLVO P31387523(0285011881) with 95128
VOLVO P31476103(0285013339) with 95128
VOLVO P31658440(0285013939) with 95128
VOLVO P31387019(0285011728) with 95128
VOLVO P31406630(0285012270) with 95128
VOLVO P31406637(0285012268) with 95128
VOLVO P31451752(0285013274) with 95128
VOLVO 30613047A with MC68HC912B32
VOLVO P31429510 with XC2361A-72F



PSA-ME 7.4.5 95320 Virgin IMMO,

PSABS! 95160 – Virgin IMMO

PSA-BSI 24C128 – Virgin IMMO

PSA-BSI 95128 Virgin IMMO

PSA BSI HC912DQ128 – Virgin IMMO

PSA-EDC15-29F400 (1and3 plug)- Remove IMMO

PSA-EDC15C2- SPO8 – Virgin IMMO

PSA-EDC16C3-95160 – Remove IMMO

PSA EDC16C3-95160- Virgin IMMO –

PSA EDC16C3495140- Remove IMMO

PSA-Valeo J34P-95160 – Remove IMMO

PSA EDC16C3-95160 [BDM FORMAT]- Remove IMMO

PSA EDC16C3-95160 [BDM FORMAT]-Virgin IMMO

PSA-EDC16C34-45160 [BDM FORMAT] – Remove IMMO PSA-EDC16C45180 WDM FORMAT] Virgin MMO

PSA-SIEMENS – SID801 43C56 Remove IMMO –

PSA-SIEMENS SID803(A)-95320 Virgin IMMO

RENAULT-EMS3382 (Without CAN)- 24-400-Remove Immo

RENAULT-EMS3132 (Without CAN)-24P-400-Remove Immo

RENAULT SIRIUS32/34 (N) (Without CAN) – 29F200-Remov
RENAULT-Bosch 1.9 DTI (1 PLUG)-24C04 – Remove Immo
RENAULT -Bosch 1.9 DTI (2 PLUQ)-24C04- Remove Immo
RENAULT-Bosch EDC15 SPOs – Immo Virgin
RENAULT-VALEO-V42-45640 – Immo Virgin

ROVER-MEMS3-24C04- Remove Immo
MAQ-EDCSS-24004-Remove imme


Add New File

VAR-EDCLE-24004- Remove Iwand

IVAQ- EDC16-95320 Remove immo

VAQ-EDC36-95320 [8DM FORMAT] – Remove Immo

VAQ-EDC16U34-95320 Remove immo

VAG-EPCIOUS4-95320 [SDM FORMAT) – Remove Immo

VAQ-Bosch MS.8.X-24002 version 3 Remove Immo

VAQ- Bosch M3.8.X-24602 version 2.- Remove Immo


PSA-BOSCH ME7.44 WITH 95160 BOSCH ME7.4.5 WITH 25320 PSA

PSA-BOSCH ME7.4.6 WITH 95160




PSA-SAGEM S2000 WITH 25080

PSA-SAGEM $2000PM WITH 45080














PSA-95! ZS WITH 93C66



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